Loving Earth Mesquite Powder 1 Kg

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Raw Organic Mesquite Powder from Peru. Traditional Native American food with a very low GI and a high mineral content.

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Loving Earth Mesquite Powder Product Information

Mesquite was traditionally consumed as a staple food. It has an incredibly low GI and a high mineral content, and the reason why the GI is so low is partly because of that very high mineral content. Our mesquite is comprised 100% of whole ground pods. It has a high level of dietary fibre, meaning it’s difficult for the body to break down and digest. This is a good thing, and another reason why it has such a low GI rating: it takes a long time for the body to process it, giving you a long-lasting energy boost and reducing hunger for a sustained period. Mesquite is high in protein (16%) and contains significant quantities of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. It’s low in carbohydrate, low in fat and rich in the amino acid lysine.

Loving Earth Mesquite Powder Directions

Sweet and caramel-like, Mesquite makes a great addition to cakes, ice cream and lots of other desserts. It’s also fantastic sprinkled on your favourite breakfast cereal, or used in smoothies to give a certain depth and roundness of flavour.

Loving Earth Mesquite Powder Ingredients

Organic Mesquite Powder
*Product of Peru

Serving size 10g

Energy 159kj 1590kj
Protein 1.6g 16.0g
Fat-total 0.34g 3.4g
   – saturated 0g 0g
Carbohydrate-total 8g 80g
   – sugars 4.4g 44g
   – dietary fiber 3.6g 36g
Sodium 0.5mg 5mg
Iron 1.8mg 18mg
Calcium 52mg 520mg
Magnesium 14mg 140mg
Zinc 0.3mg 3mg