Nutra Organics - Acai Berry Blend with Camu Camu

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Nutra Organics Acai Berry Blend is a wholefood blend providing a dose of antioxidants^to support vitality. Our blend combines 6 super berries plus sweet mango and beetroot to bring you a delicious and potent nutritional burst, which can be easily and deliciously added to your daily routine.


Super Berry Blend 1100mg

Acai Berry* (20%), Blueberry (10%), Cranberry (10%), Raspberry (10%), Goji Berry Juice Powder* (5%)

Fruit& Veg Blend 800mg

Mango, Beetroot

Whole Vitamin C Blend 100g

Camu Camu* (5%)

*Certified Organic 

Ways to use it

Nutra Organics Acai Berry Blend tastes so good it can be eaten straight from the spoon. Try making your own acai bowl, blend into smoothies, stir into yogurt, sprinkle on desserts, add to granola, porridge, or chia puddings. Acai Berry Blend is also great to use in baking and raw treats like bliss balls and slices/

MYO Acai Bowl: 2 tsp Acai Berry Blend + 100ml Coconut Water + Frozen Banana in a high speed blender = Acai Bowl.

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