Bach - Rescue Remedy Pastilles (Cranberry)

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For days when you feel that you always two steps behind, and stopping to decompress for a moment is out of the question, grab Rescue® Pastilles and get ready to tackle the tasks ahead. Chewing a Rescue® Pastille is a delicious way to keep stress at bay. Soothing, calming and relaxing, each pastille contains one dose of Rescue Remedy®, the famous five flower remedy formula developed by Dr. Edward Bach more than 80 years ago to help you stress less and stay in control.

Keep Rescue® Pastilles on hand to give you a little help whenever you need it. These alcohol-free and sugar-free Rescue® products help take the edge off, so you can regain control during those everyday stressful situations. The handy tin is convenient to grab and go, keep in a desk drawer, car, or wherever stress seems to find you. Grab Rescue® Pastilles to help you stress less and stay in control during the daily hustle and bustle.

Available in four delicious, sweet, sugar-free flavours: Black Currant, Orange & Elderflower, Cranberry and Lemon.


- Homeopathic

- Easy to use

- Sugar Free

- Contains Xylitol

- Natural Flavour

- Alcohol Free

- Safe for all the family


Chew one Pastille as required. Approximately 35 Pastilles per tin.

Always speak to your healthcare practitioner before introducing any drug or supplement into your daily regime.

May contain traces of gluten. Not suitable for animals. Excessive consumption may have laxative effect.

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