BioKap - NutriColor Kit

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Convenient, easy to clean and reusable, the BioKap Nutricolor kit contains a professional brush and a bowl for a perfect colour application. 

The bowl, with handle and non-slip bottom, is ideal to prepare your dye mix, it is easily cleaned and does not absorb the colour. The thin-handle brush allows a perfect separation of hair locks and its soft bristles ensure a perfect colour result.

Bowl and brush handle are Eco-Friendly, made from recycled plastic to reduce unnecessary waste and minimize environmental impact. 


When to use it 

To easily mix the dye and apply it evenly.

How to use it

Pour the content of the Nutrifix bottle and colouring tube, mix with the brush and then apply the dye to your hair 

What it contains 

Bowl and brush made from recycled plastic 


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