Experiencing Hayfever?

Looking for a natural hayfever supplement to take this spring season we have options for you:

  • Capsule 
  • Tablet
  • Tissue Salt 
  • Oral Liquid (Baby & Child)
  • Oral Spray

1. Fusion Health - Allergy (Capsule)

This product is a high potency, anti-allergic herbal medicine with standardised extracts. It's combination of traditional Chinese medicine herbs works to help relieve mild allergy symptoms such as hayfever, itchy skin conditions (mild eczema and hives) as well as mild food intolerance symptoms.

This supplement blend traditionally works to help relieve mild symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and inflammation of the mucous membranes.

This supplement can be taken by both Children and Adults starting from 2 years old.

For more information check out the product description.

2. Herbs of Gold - Hayfever & Sinus Ease (Tablet)

This supplement is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps to relieve allergies, respiratory mucus and support the immune system. It's specific formula of horseradish, Garlic, Vitamin C, Eyebright and Baical Skullcap. This combination of herbs and ingredients can help relieve mucus and nasal congestion.

This supplement is suitable for Children over the age of 12 and adults.

For more information checkout the product description. 

3. Schuessler Tissue Salts - Nat Mur (Tissue Salt)

Nat Mur is the tissue salt that helps with the distribution of water in the body. This means symptoms where there is too much water or too little water. It may help to clear watery nasal discharge often associated with a loss of smell related to hayfever, dry eyes or watery eyes and nose.

These tablets can be chewed or crushed and dissolved in water. It also can eb taken by infants, children and adults up to 4 times a day.

For more information check out the product for more details. 

4. Brauer - Runny Nose Relief (Baby + Child)

Brauer's combination containing Allium cepa for Baby & Child is a homeopathic medicine to relieve symptoms of hayfever and runny nose. This mild-tasting remedy is 99% sugar-free liquid also contains added Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 & B12 and betacarotene.

For more information check out the attached details. 

5. Brauer - Hayfever Oral Spray

Another homeopathic hayfever remedy is Brauer's Hayfever Oral Spray. This supplement product has a combinations of eyebright, onion and black mustard is traditionally used to help relieve hayfever symptoms such as sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and runny nose. 

For more information and instructions for use check out the product description.

Please note that all these products may provide relief for mild symptoms and directions for use must be followed. Additionally check the cautions attached to all these supplements and if need of further help or assistance please seek professional advice.