Role of minerals supplements in your diet 

Did you know minerals are one of the essential nutrients your body needs for healing and ensuring its proper functioning? If you have a mineral deficiency, it can affect your body’s overall performance. Minerals supplements offer many benefits including carrying nutrients and oxygen, healing wounds, repairing cellular damage and strengthening your immune system.

Minerals are usually required for various metabolic processes. From improving your immune system functions to regulating your blood pressure and fighting infections, minerals play a vital role in supporting your overall body’s functioning.

If you are thinking of adding multivitamin & minerals capsules to your diet but are not sure, this blog can help.

Why do you need minerals supplements?

Your body needs minerals in order to maintain a balance of water. They also help stabilise protein structures for your hair and skin. Some of the most essential minerals are Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Chloride, Iron and Potassium.

What is the role of different minerals in your body?

Calcium: It helps promote and maintain strong bone health.

Phosphorus: It promotes quick muscle recovery and keeps your bones and teeth strong.

Sodium: It ensures proper fluid maintenance and osmoregulation in your body. It is also responsible for improving your heart’s performance and nervous system.

Chloride: It helps balance fluids in your body and helps your muscles and heart contract.

Iron: It improves your body’s energy levels and concentration. It also helps regulate body temperature and treats headaches.

Potassium: It lowers the risk of high blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease and digestive disorders.

Other benefits of multivitamin & minerals capsules

Essential multivitamins and minerals contribute to the normal functioning of your body. When your body is not able to take enough minerals through diet, your doctor may recommend taking minerals supplements. You’ll experience several benefits including improved energy levels, better hair and skin and healthy functioning of the nerves.

Whether your goal is more energy production within the body or ensuring proper growth and healing, mineral supplements can help you achieve all your fitness goals at once.

Things to keep in mind:

Before you start taking multivitamin & minerals capsules, you must consult with your dietician or doctor especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Make sure you don’t have any health conditions or food allergies that may affect your body’s well-being. Always take the recommended dose of minerals.

Stop taking minerals supplements if you are experiencing any of the following conditions after taking the dose.

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting  

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