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Got a sore throat, blocked nose or annoying cough? Our Cold & Flu formula may help to reduce the severity and duration of these and other symptoms of mild respiratory infections, while also supporting your immune health.

Features and beneftis

Contains andrographis plus herbs used to help relieve cold and flu symptoms in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), including:
- Sore throat

- Nasal congestion and thick or runny discharge

- Sinus pain

- Mild fever 

How it works

Andrographis has been shown to help reduce the severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms. In Fusion Cold & Flu, it's supported by echinacea, plus herbs used to relieve symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections in TCM, including Japanese catnip and forsythia to soothe a sore throat and relieve mild fever, and magnolia and balloonflower to clear congested nasal passages. 


Recommended Dosage:

Adults - Take 2-3 tablets twice daily.

Children under 18 years - Only as professionally prescribed 

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding


Each tablet contains extracts equivalent to dry:

Isatis tinctoria (Isatis) root & leaf                                                                    900mg

Echinacea purpurea (Echinacea) root                                                              625mg

Lonicera japonica (Honeysuckle) flower bud                                                   550mg

Forsythia suspensa (Forsythia) fruit                                                                 525mg

Andrographis paniculata (Andrographis) leaf                                                 475mg

    equiv. to andrograpolides                                                                         11.88mg

Platycodon grandiflorus (Balloonflower) root                                                 375mg

Magnolia liliflora (Magnolia) flower                                                                350mg

Schizonepeta tenuifolia (Japanese Catnip) Leaf                                              300mg

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy or animal products.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. 

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