Schuessler Tissue Salts - Calc Fluor Spray

Size: 30mL
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Assists with:

- Enlarged varicose veins 

- Haemorrhoids 

-  Stretch marks 

- Poor condition of enamel of the teeth

- Cracks and cuts in the skin

- Constipation due to muscular tone of the rectum

- A backache with dragging down pains 

- Chronic synovitis 

- Restoring balance to conditions affecting surface of bones

Calc Fluor is present in the surface of the bones, in the enamel of the teeth and in the elastic fibres of the skin and blood vessels. It is responsible for all the elasticity within the body. Deficiencies can lead to varicose veins, over relaxed organs, hardened glands, stretched ligaments.

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