BioCeuticals - D3 + K2 Spray

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Vitamin D and K are important for the maintenance of bone health. Vitamin D helps maintain bone mineralisation and bone strength as well as assists in healthy bone development. Vitamin D also supports a healthy immune system and nervous system function. Vitamin K supports artery health and maintains healthy cardiovascular system function. 



- Vitamin D supports the absorption of dietary calcium 

- D3 + K2 spray supports D and K levels in the body. 

- Vitamin D helps to maintain healthy immune system function

- Vitamin D aids in healthy bone development and supports bone mineralisation and bone strength in ageing individuals

- Vitamins D and K support bone health

- Vitamin K supports artery health 

- Vitamin D supports nervous system function 

- Vitamin K maintains teeth mineralisation 


Each 180mL dose (1 spray) contains:

Colecalciferol                                                                                   25 micrograms 

     equiv. to vitamin D 

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