BioKap - Nutricolor Delicato (9.3 Extra Light Golden Blond)

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Delicato Rapid line also benefits from ingredients that take care of the hair: organic Argan oil, which deeply nourishes the hair making it soft and shiny, and the exclusive Tricorepair® complex, which performs a protective, restructuring and regenerating action. Free from Ammonia, Resorcin, Parabens, Para-Phenylenediamine and fragrance, BioKap® Nutricolor Delicato Rapid hair dyes are suitable for vegans and, thanks to their careful formulation, even for people with particularly delicate skin.


- Hairline Protective Cream to prevent hair dye stains

- Protective cape and disposable gloves for a professional application restructures and make damaged and brittle hair shiny

- Protect the scalp during colour application



Tricorepair® complex with rice proteins for a restructuring and regenerating action, willow extract that protects hair form UV rays and fruit lipophilic acids that protect the scalp during colour application. Due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, Argan oil protects, restructures and makes damaged and brittle hair shiny. 


Suggested Dose

To cover grey hair perfectly in just 10 minutes and for long-lasting colour. 

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