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Pure Plant-Source ORGANIC Green VITAMIN C is a blend of pure, certified organically grown Acerola, Baobab and Camu Camu, which are all rich in natural vitamin C and synergistic ascorbates.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient critical in many metabolic processes including collagen synthesis to build strong connective tissue, carnitine synthesis for fatty acid metabolism, neurotransmitter function and immune system function. Although some claim synthetic Vitamin C is very different to the way plants make it. Synthetically produced Vitamin C is processed from corn starch with the use of hydrochloric acid, heat, enzymes, acetone, to produce ascorbic acid, whereas Organic Green Vitamin C is a unique blend of wholefoods naturally-rich in vitamin C that also contain a broad-spectrum of naturally-occurring synergistic nutrients vital for the optimum uptake & utilisation of Vitamin C in the human body.

This high-potency blend of organic superfoods provides 600mg of natural Vitamin C every 4g serve. 


- High-potency superfood rich in natural Vitamin C comes in Pure Powder and Pure Vegan Capsules 

- All Vitamin C rich superfood ingredients are Certified Organically Grown by independent certifier ACO Certified Organic (Cert No: 10918)

- Pure powder blends easily in water and tastes great!

- NO added synthetic Ascorbic Acid 

- NO added Sugars, NO added Sweeteners, NO artificial colour or flavours 

- Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans 


Certified Organic Acerola (60%), Certified Organic Boabab (31.75%), Certified Organic Camu Camu (6.25%), silica (2%) 

Pure Plant-Source Organic Green Vitamin C is imported and packed under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) license in Australia and contains NO animal products, NO gluten, NO dairy, NO GMO, NO herbicides, NO pesticides, NO heavy metals, NO contaminants, NO TSE/BSE contamination, NO environmental pollutants, NO plastic, NO BPA


Suggested Usage: one serve = 4g (1 level teaspoon)

Adults: 1/2-1 serve daily 

Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mothers: 1/2-1 serve daily 

Children age 1-11 years: 1/3 level teaspoon daily 

Serving suggestion: blends easily in water - can be added to smoothies, your favourite juice or any food 


Store below 25°C in  a dry place away from direct sunlight 

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