Abode - Surface Spray (Lime Spritz)

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Size: 500mL
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Abode Natural Surface Spray is formulated with naturally powerful plant based ingredients to ensure a fresh and hygienic clean. Our multi-surface cleaner is perfect for kitchen bench and cook tops, tables, walls, tiles, appliances, vinyl and many other household and outdoor surfaces - and is microfibre cloth compatible.

Using the old fashioned method of 'saponification' - turning grease and grime into soap which effectively removes it from the surface, our unique formulation dose away with nasty chemicals such as coco-betaine, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate and ethoxylated ingredients and is designed to leave your surfaces clean with no chemical residue. Also free of damaging harsh fumes and VOCs, it will leaving your house smelling like a home not a hospital.


Water, Alkylpolyglucosides, Soda Ash, Grain Alcohol, Pure Essential Oils (Lime Spritz)

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