Essential Therapeutics - Amigel Powder 10g

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If you wish to create preparations using Amigel ”from scratch”, we offer Amigel Powder as well. By using 2% of the powder, you will create a thick stable gel. You can choose other ingredients besides water to further customise your own preparation – this could be Aromatic Hydrosols, Aloe Vera Concentrate, herbal extracts and so on. Or create thinner preparations, like pumpable serums. It is all up to your own creative genius!

Directions for Use

Sample formula – Soothing Rosewater Gel – for 500mL 
Amigel Powder – 10 grams
Damask Rose Aromatic Hydrosol – 480mL
Vegetable Glycerine – 10mL
Citricidal (preservative) – 2.5mL or grams

Directions: Mix the glycerine into the Rose Hydrosol. Heat to 70°C. Slowly add Amigel Powder while blending. Continue blending until the mixture begins to thicken. Wait 10 minutes and then mix in the Citricidal.

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