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“Turkey Red Oil” (sulfated castor oil – the first synthetic detergent) is one older product that has been used for creating essential oil emulsions. Essential Solubiliser is a modern improvement on Turkey Red Oil, colourless, odourless and is a more effective emulsifier. Essential Solubiliser is based on mild emulsifiers derived from pure Almond and Coconut oils. These emulsifiers are nontoxic, non-allergenic and fully compatible with the skin. Such emulsifiers are the basis for a number of natural cosmetic products, such as essential oil-based “skin conditioning” sprays.

When should you use Disper or Essential Solubiliser?
It is partly a matter of personal preference. Disper is most suited for application to mucous membranes (preparations for eye and throat complaints can be made with Disper, for example). It is a totally natural emulsifier made from soy lecithin that specifically works with essential oils. It makes a cloudy emulsion that can be of use in any type of application.

Essential Solubiliser is a naturally-derived emulsifier that is quite benign & non-toxic and is used in numerous products with a natural stance. Essential Solubiliser works both with vegetable oils and essential oils. Using just essential oils, you can create a totally clear solution. Essential Solubiliser stands out more for its use in creating bath treatments, spray preparations and the like - but it is not recommended for use in the eyes nor for ingestion.

Directions for Use

Essential Solubiliser is generally used in the ratio of 3 to 5 parts Solubiliser to 1 part essential oil. Lower amounts of Solubiliser will create a milky emulsion; higher amounts will create a clear solution. Some essential oils, such as citrus oils, require a higher amount of Solubiliser in order to create a clear solution. Unlike Disper, Solubiliser will also emulsify vegetable oils into water. For vegetable oils, use a ratio of 1 to 2 parts Solubiliser to each part vegetable oil.

Sample formula – Muscle Relief Bath Treatment – for 100mL 
Essential Solubiliser – 90mL
Muscle Relief Massage Concentrate – 10mL
Directions: To help relieve muscular pain and stiffness, aromatic baths are a useful and effective form of treatment. Simply mix the ingredients together and bottle. To a full hot bath, 5mL to 10mL of the preparation is added and mixed into the water to disperse. As the essential oils are fully emulsified in the bath water, there will be no possible skin irritation – as can be the case if essential oils are simply “floated” on the surface of the bath.

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