Fermentanicals - Fermented Chlorella 500mg 90t

Size: 90 Tablets
Sale price$38.95



Known as one of the most potent functional foods from nature as it’s incredibly nutrient dense, Fermentanicals Fermented Chlorella takes it one step further by fermenting the algae. Not only may you benefit from its common known properties such as cellular detoxification, liver support, and improved immune functioning, you may also benefit from the improved probiotic activity through fermentation. Fermentanicals fermented chlorella has a weakened cell wall due to the fermentation process‚ effectively predigesting the algae, providing a highly digestible form of chlorella for optimal nutrient absorption.

Fermentanicals fermented Chlorella is sourced from single-cell‚ fresh water micro- algae that has been grown in an outdoor controlled environment. This product is Vegan, non-GMO, gluten free and paleo friendly.

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