Living Essences - Harmony Relaxation Mist

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Often we enter a house or building and although the surroundings are aesthetically pleasant, we feel unsettled or uncomfortable. In such situations we register negative subtle vibrations that permeate the atmosphere of the building. These vibrations lie beyond the frequency that our physical senses can register, however our subconscious does register these vibrations and that is why we feel uncomfortable or unsettled. In our home, habitual stress and disharmonious reactions impregnate our environment with stress and discordant vibrations.

Such atmospheres support or feed the stress and disharmony within us, compounding the undesirable discord between others and ourselves. Within our own atmosphere or aura we may need to overcome the stress and disharmony that builds up over the day. The flowers used in the relaxation and harmony spray are designed to clear ones environment of stress, disharmony, lethargy and intimidating vibrations.

Directions for Use

The Relaxation and Harmony Spray is designed to be sprayed into our surroundings and/or around oneself to help overcome stress and disharmony.

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